1. 4 Vũ : A Name Is Like a Spell

    ‘Vũ’ is derived from the Vietnamese word for ‘UNIVERSE’ or ‘COSMOS’ and gets the meaning of ‘STORM’ whenever added to a name with the intention to give the name and the name-bearer strength and power. In a way it functions like a jewel to the first part of my name: ‘Nhật’


    By stamping ’Vũ’ into my jewellery I intend to give the jewel and ultimately the wearer the symbolic force connected to my name.

  2. 3 / Flowers at Night and Day

    This series of brooches is my take on floral jewellery. But rather than using the imagery of flowers and plants I used the way they react to light. It is based on flowers which bloom during daytime, a reaction called ‘photoperiodism’.

    The brooches look monochrome in a dimly lit environment but when you shine light on them, or rotate them towards a light source through a rotating mechanism in the back, a coloured shape made out of light appears on the white surface and the brooch begins to ‘bloom’

    Click on ‘Video’ beneath the images to see how the brooches react to light.

  3. 2 / ACTIVATE!

    This collection is based on the effect of light and colour bouncing from one surface on to the other. A collection meant to be worn on white or coloured clothing. Bangles which seem to be floating around your wrist, brooches which seem to float on the garment and necklaces made out of elements that fit into each other and due to the structure the wearer has the possibility to make a choice about the final appearance of a piece.

    All of these pieces have the possibility to radiate colour on to the garments depending on when, how and with what the pieces are being worn.



  4. 1 / Momentary Jewelry

    For my graduation I made a collection of jewellery pieces made out of cardboard. The jewels cannot reach their full potential without human interaction. At first glance they seem like big, bulky grey objects, but whenever you make the effort to come closer, pick it up and wear it, you notice how light it actually is and that each piece has a hidden inside which is revealed through interaction and movement.